Parker Red is the catering and events division of  Ted & Honey specializing in carefully crafted American driven Farm to table cuisine.  Our menus are often inspired by the south and change regularly to feature items in season and locally grown and raised.  Helmed by Executive Chef Chris “Ted” Jackson, Parker Red is committed to the same quality and culture of Ted & Honey using the same fiercely DIY and locavoric principles. 

From small intimate celebrations to casual dinners, elegant and festive parties and backyard barbeques -- Parker Red creates delicious, creative and unforgettable events.

All of the food prepared by Parker Red comes from local, organic and trusted sources.  And everything is house made from scratch -- everything.    While we have a variety of sample menus and options to choose from – we will also work with you to create a personally constructed menu and event. 

Parker Red has drop off options, can execute events in your home or other venues.

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